At the end of a summer in which we were truly blessed with all the premieres and events happening (Pak Aan!, Check Mate, Aan Lager Wal, Pier Parade… what am I forgetting?), it seemed only fitting to end with the biggest premiere of them all: the new Polar Skate Co. video. And somehow, for reasons unknown to anybody who can’t be considered a business insider, Pier 15 Skatepark in Breda got chosen as one of the locations for the little world tour the Polar team is doing. So yes, the stars of the video were in our little country to present their latest video, which means seeing hordes of kids swarming around fresh professionals Ville Wester and Jamie Platt for autographs, but also witnessing Pontus Alv cleaning up after his team and Nick Boserio getting chili sauce in his beard. Turns out Brass is human after all, even though some of clips were still downright animalistic. I’m not going to spoil anything else because A, you should have been there, and B, Pontus will kill me.

Instead, Frederick Walker (the one responsible for the photos accompanying this article) and I came up with an interview concept that didn’t completely work out in the end (we blew it…), but we still went home with a notebook full of information about the Polar team too good not to share. Enjoy and make sure to watch our little recap video as well!

  • The big boss, Pontus Alv...
  • ...really loves...
  • ...Aperol Spritz!

Least favourite moment filming?
Nick Boserio: Tricks that are not in the video because I didn’t land them.

Oldest team member?
Nick: Alv.

Oatmeal or oatcake?
Nick: Oatmeal.

Killing it or milking it?
Pontus Alv: Killing it.
Ville Wester: Killing it is obviously way better.
Jamie Platt: it would be dope to milk it, too.

Slappying or popping?
Pontus: Popping a trick.

Last part?


Irritating team member?
Pontus: I love them all, but… Brass.
Tor Ström: Boserio!

  • Grossest guy on the team...
  • Nick Boserio!

Kickflip or heelflip?
Paul Grund: Kickflip.

Essay or Flatspot?
Paul: Essay, always print!

YouTube or Instagram?
Paul: Instagram.
Rich West: Instagram. YouTube is annoying for music.

  • Tor Ström.
  • Rich West.
  • Aaron Herrington.
  • Paul Grund.

Overthinking or hucking a trick?
Paul: Overthinking, definitely.
Ville: I don’t know, probably overthinking, especially these questions.

Underrated clip in the video?
David Stenström: Jamie ollies over a rail into a bank at the end of the video, which is gnarlier than it looks on video.

Grossest guy on the team?
David: Brass, we’re sharing rooms. He’s crazy but in a good way!
Emile Laurent: They’re all nasty.

Unlanded trick?
David: I never land any of my tricks.

Yuto or Jamie Platt?

Who’s Yuto? Jamie!

  • Jamie Platt.
  • David Stenström.
  • Emile Laurent.
  • Ville Wester.

Sickest premiere location?
Jamie: London, all my friends and family were there.

Aarons best trick?
Jamie: He does a long boardslide on a tall yellow rail, to sort of land on a curb and ride away.

Rich West or Joel Peck?
Jamie: I can’t choose one. Make it 50/50, split them and glue them together.
Rich: Joel Peck, easy.

Everyone’s favourite on the team right now?
Jamie: Shin.
Rich: Jamie, maybe also Brass, he has good energy. But everyone is in a good mood with Jamie going pro.

Clips that were lost?
Tor: Nothing for this one.

Raving or clubbing?
Ville: Raving for sure. Crazy questions!

Ultimate dream?
Tor: Can’t answer… Kids, wife, house, dog.

Steady trick?

Tre flip.

  • Roman Gonzalez.
  • Nick Rios, Dane Brady and Essay #12.
  • Group discussion.

Habits in the van?
Aaron Herrington: Beers and pee jug!
Roman Gonzalez: Telling Tor to shut down the music.

Is this the best Polar video?
Dane Brady: Yeah.
Ville: [laughing] Probably not!

Next stop?
Nick Rios: Copenhagen. It’s nice there.

Gatorade or Mt. Dew?
Nick Rios: Gatorade.
Ville: Water.

Interesting fact about the video?

It was supposed to be a two year project since “We Blew It…” came out.

That's it, thanks to the Polar team and everybody involved!