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  • Filming skateboarding: an interview with Alex van Zwietering and Dylan van der Laan

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    On a cold November evening in Amsterdam, Frederick, Charles and Léa asked Dylan and Alex some questions about the world of Dutch skateboarding videography, their experiences with skaters, and what they've noticed throughout their years of filming. After a couple beers, the interv…

    • léa shamaa
  • Skate and Destroy - The Patriarchy ‘24

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    March is International Women’s Month and the 8th of March is the one day a year where women, queers, non-conforming bodies and allies internationally march, protest and revolt against the social and political struggles faced by ‘woman’ identities. It’s loud, disruptive, public, d…

    • graquandra
  • Thibault Gortina - issue #16 feature

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    Photography by Charles Pigneul It’s one and a half days until I have to send this issue to the printer (a very common sentence in any skateboarding magazine) and I still have to transcribe this interview. You see, when I visited Thibault Gortina and his companion Charles Pigneul…

    • sander rodenhuis
  • Friedjof Feye's archive - issue #15

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    Archival photos by Friedjof Feye plus interview, originally published in Essay #15.

  • What is your favourite spot in the Netherlands?

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    When a skater finds an obstacle that works well with their style, speed and trick of choice, it can quickly turn into their dream spot. Dutch skate spots are known to be rough and hard to manoeuvre, so it’s only on rare occasions that a skater truly connects with a spot. I’ve dec…

    • lea shamaa
  • Karaoke is my favourite Hobby

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    The Karaoke and Hobby crew(s) on tour through Belgium and France. As seen in issue #15's article, written by Jesse Voerman.

    • jesse voerman