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  • IzzyBanani - 'SnoekOpti'

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    A new video by (and featuring) Peter Sievert and Gereon Hecht, filmed in the Hague and Maastricht. Photo by Michael Winkeler.

  • Premiere: NULDERTIG

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    Winter is over and to celebrate, we're showing you the 'NULDERTIG' video, straight out of the city that housed our headquarters last year: Utrecht! Featuring Sam Luijten, Florian Laane, Jaap Langenhoff 2.0 and many other locals. Filmed by Sam Luijten, Derek Zomer, Remco Groot &…

  • Gunnar Stoel - Essay part

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    • premiere

    Very proud to show you the first part filmed specifically for Essay, featuring Gunnar Stoel! Filmed and edited by Matthijs Hager, almost exclusively between Kampen, Zwolle & Amersfoort.

  • CF 1

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    A fresh Alex van Zwietering edit featuring the Close Friends crew!

  • PREMIERE: Tobias Steenbergen & friends in 'Labirinto'

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    Filmed over the past five years, 'Labirinto' is a full length video by super-dedicated boss man Bruno Rocha. With most spots in the video ranging from Barcelona and to anywhere else sunny and filled with beautiful granite surfaces, this doesn't seem like the usual Essay release.…

  • Top fiving with Houtmood Tobias

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    • interview

    With the release of Tobias Steenbergen's part in Bruno Rocha's 'Labirinto' full length today, we figured it would be nice to ask the Houtmood legend about some of his favourite things in life! There's more stuff with Tobias on the agenda for this year, so watch this space...


  • ça CLAQUE

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    The Lockwood / feelsgood gang in Marseille! Filmed by Arthur le Duc.


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    Featuring Sebas at 10:15 :)