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  • CPH Bonus: a gallery by Shasa Boogaard

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    It's not nice to let photos catch dust, be it negatives or on a hard drive, so here's a small gallery of photos our mate Shasa Boogaard shot while sidelining the Copenhagen Open, armed with a 50mm. Make you sure you check out our video report as well, find it here!

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  • Copenhagen Open report #1

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    The first part of our official recap of the 2022 Copenhagen Open, through the lens of Alex Michael Blade. Photo by Shasa Boogaard.

    • alexmichael
  • PREMIERE: More of This

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    • Graquandra

    A message from the makers: Graquandra (Graka) and Part-Time Skate Spotter (PSS) have joined forces to create their first video ever titled More of This, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity in skateboarding.  When watching this skate video, there’s an enlighte…

  • Street Player by Hobbe Hollands

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    A new video by Hobbe Hollands, all filmed in Groningen during the heart of winter.

  • the Tobias van Rooij interview / issue #11

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    Tobias van Rooij interview by Huub 't Jong, from issue #12.

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  • Budget Cut #1: flea, buy, fly

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    We gave Thom van Liere €50 to spend at the Kings day flea market.

  • DIY Cooking up #1

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    A report by Paul Mogwitz, featuring Vilka and Dirk.

  • Quick Boys #6

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    Westerpark slappy is the best.

  • Quick Boys #5

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    Flatground Bastiaan <3

  • Quick Boys #4

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    The fourth instalment of the Quick Boys series, this time filmed in Lelystad.