Part-time Skate Spotter presents: “PSS Spot Tour”

One year ago I was riding around with an orange backpack delivering crusty pizzas at nice apartments, right now we ride around with a orange backpack filled with nice prizes delivering people crusty spots! A day filled with a mix of iconic, fresh Rotterdam skate spots and the nastiest, crustiest skate spots known to Rotterdam… This was the PSS Spot Tour of 2022.

PSS did their best to make a tour for all skaters to enjoy. We went from steep banks, to big gaps, made sure to visit a crusty bank, didn’t forget about a chill slappy curb, visited spots that made people look at us like we were out of our mind, and of course, couldn’t end this tour without some sightseeing at the Erasmus bridge. And the best thing is, we can relive the moment through pictures by Iris van Velzen and the after movie by Keito Shimada!