This article was originally published in Essay #12.

There must be something in the air, but skating with Jan Maarten Sneep, Robbin de Wit & co. at the Scheveningen beach ledges makes you feel good. It’s like taking a long walk on the beach with your partner, except this one will hurt the next day, if you did it right (or wrong?). Where better to do an interview with Sneep and Robbin than there? Sneep and Rob Maatman cycled to the ledges after a hard day of working various spots through the Hague, Ziggy Schaap joined after a long day in the office working customer service, Luke Jackson and Robbin cycled there fresh out of their respective workplaces too, and even I had done some kind of work earlier that day, although it consisted mostly of watching various Sneep and Robbin video productions. That counts as work, right? Somebody should give me money for watching skate videos someday. Anyway, the conversation started with Luke and Rob not knowing we were interviewing, and I could’ve transcribed the whole bar-type-conversation, but I didn’t. Because Robbin and Sneep, or Sneep and Robbin, are more interesting than Luke and Ziggy and Rob talking about covid and whatever else came by.

Interview by Sander Rodenhuis & Ziggy Schaap, intro by Sander.

  • Sneep & Robbin. Photo Ziggy Schaap
  • Sneep & Robbin. Photo Ziggy Schaap

Sander: is Robbins part in Katslauw the first part you ever made together? Or is there something else out that no one has ever seen?
Sneep: that’s gotta be the first.
Robbin: that we made together? Yeah, that’s the first.
Sneep: before that I made a video called Still Skateboarding and you’ve got one trick in that.
Robbin: I have one trick in that.
Sneep: 180 off the Zwijndrecht stair.
Robbin: that’s the first day I ever met Sneep, that’s when we…
Sander: I thought you first met at the Yard?
Sneep: no, that’s the first time we went out filming together.
Sander: ah, filming, aha!
Robbin: look, the first time I met Sneep, we went to Dordrecht. I would skate with Max Hartveld, I used to skate with Alexander Belhadj, and he knew Max, and Max knew Sneep. I think that was the process. I think they knew eachother through that program…
Sneep: mIRC.
Robbin: mIRC, to download skate videos.
Ziggy: woah, I was on there too!
Sander: what’s mIRC?
Ziggy: that’s classic, man!
Sneep: I think it’s called IRC, for the real nerds. You’d go on this group, #skatevideos, and you’d be able to download skate videos. That’s way back when cowboy internet started, and you could find everything on there. And then there’d be a Dutch chat group with a bunch of Dutch skaters, like Max, Buddy Swinkels, and some other guys I met later on.
Sander: that’s sick!
Robbin: so anyway, with Ali, I would go to Max to watch videos before skating, and then they had plans to skate, and we went to Dordrecht, and that’s how I met Sneep.
Sander: because you’re originally from…
Robbin: Haastrecht, near Gouda.
Sander: and Sneep is from…
Sneep: Nieuw-Beijerland.
Sander: alright, we’re going to need a map on that one.

Ziggy: so, how has Sneep changed since then? Did he change at all?
Robbin: I’m pretty sure Sneep is still the same.
Ziggy: and did Robbin change?
Sneep: he wears less tracksuits these days. That’s pretty much it.
Sander: did you teach him that, or did it just happen over time?
Sneep: why did you wear tracksuits back then? I thought it was cool though.
Robbin: It was about… I felt free wearing them. How do I put this?

Jeans kind of made me feel stuck in my pants.

Ziggy: [laughs] nice quote!
Robbin: that’s how it felt! Stuck in your pants, you know? I think they didn’t have stretch in those days, or I wasn’t familiar yet, and yeah, that’s how I kept skating the track pants. I remember I ended up with some pants, I recall they were forecast, don’t remember how I got them, but that one felt alright. So that’s when I started wearing jeans, and then at a certain point…
Ziggy: you started wearing shorts.
Robbin: well, shorts are still a bit of a…
Sander: once every part.
Robbin: every now and again.
Sander: except in the last one, what happened?
Robbin: that was a coincidence. That was a total coincidence.
[Ziggy laughing hard again]
Sander: or was the part too short?
Robbin: the last one was indeed a bit short. Well, maybe not short, I don’t think so. It was just a coincidence. I hadn’t really noticed until Ziggy mentioned it. I don’t think Sneep knew either.
Sander: I had this thought earlier, also because I watched all your parts to prepare, there’s only a single clip where you’re not wearing a hat.
Sneep: really?
Sander: and it happens to be one of the shorts clips, in Barca I think.
Sneep: oh right, over the can!
Robbin: I’m not wearing a hat in that one? Yeah, you’re right.
Sander: there’s a b-roll clip of that, too.
Sneep: oh, that ruled. We went to the spot to swim actually. We knew the location, and there were two spots. There was a beach at one and a nude beach at the other. So, we just went to the nude beach, we thought fuck it, the spot is here, but we just want to swim. So, a bunch of dudes went to swim there. But not Robbin, he kept skating on his own.
Robbin: I didn’t like that one bit.
Sneep: we filmed a good line there though.
Robbin: that’s true. But in my last part I got a bunch of tricks without a hat, because I buzzed my head.
Sander: yeah, I must check it out properly. But that Barca clip was the first time I was like, wtf, Robbin without a hat…
Robbin: ánd shorts! Come to think of it, I can’t remember why I wasn’t wearing a hat for that? Not a clue.
Ziggy: maybe the wind took it.
Robbin: ah, it doesn’t matter anyway. Yeah, I guess no shorts clip in the last part. Pretty weird.
Ziggy: when I found that out, I thought it was an easter egg that you both decided on, right? That you sat together one day and agreed, we’re going to put one single clip in shorts in every part.
Robbin: but it’s also because… I almost never wear shorts. So it’s a coincidence  that I…
Sneep: probably like once a year, and if you happen to film something it’s in the video. And the one in Barca was obviously on a vacation.

  • Robbin - bs tailslide. Photo Hugo Snelooper
  • Robbin. Photo Hugo Snelooper

Sander: do you ever get mad at each other? If Sneep’s in the wrong spot, or you’re doing the wrong trick..
Robbin: not mad, but we can argue sometimes. I remember this one time, a nollie flip noseslide on a ledge to drop, Sneep wanted to film long lens, but I felt like we needed a fisheye. So, we did both. [laughs]
Ziggy: which one did you end up using?
Robbin: the fisheye. But I really envisioned that trick filmed fisheye.
Sander: you ended up right after all.
Robbin: I don’t know, in the end Sneep might have gone for the fisheye anyway.
Sneep: you can’t know everything all the time.
Sander: you have to mess around a bit…
Sneep: exactly.

 [Luke starts leaving]

Ziggy: one question!
Luke: Robbin told me that he learned everything he knows from Sneep, so who did Sneep learn everything from? [Leaves]
Robbin: huh?
Luke: See you guys later!

[from a distance] crook nollie flips from Sneep, last I heard!

Robbin: that is true.
Sneep: yeah.

Sander: so Sneep, let’s say you run into a spot and you think Robbin could do something. What’s the process like? Do you just send him a bunch of pictures all the time or are you a bit more careful, maybe he’ll hate this one, etc…
Sneep: actually, I sent him a spot earlier today, I think it was something like a ledge alongside a seven stair, it looked kind of nice, I’m thinking he’s got something for it. But I don’t know exactly what the criteria for a spot would be like.
Sander: you’ll just send everything over and see what happens?
Sneep: I mean I’m sure he’s got something, but it’s more about what he wants to do.
Sander: and Robbin, do you text him spots? Or do you just take him to whatever you think has potential?
Robbin: I’ll send him pretty much anything, but I didn’t always do that. The last two parts is when I became a bit more conscious of it. At first I just liked to head out to a spot and figure it out, but I make more of a plan these days. And then I’ll send everything over, and we’ll go, or we won’t go.
Sander: is that because you started skating differently? Because you’re getting older, got a new job? Less rails, more curbs?
Robbin: I guess… I don’t really know how it happened.
Sander: maybe more trust in each other?
Robbin: nah, there was always trust. I think it was more…
Sneep: that you know what you want to put out there, what you can do. When you know the spot, you know what you want to do there, rather than ‘just’ going out skating.
Sander: sounds like more self-confidence, actually.
Robbin: I guess my skating did mature a bit, that I’ve grown more confident in the tricks I can do and then finding the right spots for them. Instead of just messing around.
Sander: you’ve become more of a purist.
Robbin: but that did make it harder for me to skate with a large group. I guess it doesn’t really matter
Sander: that it’s annoying to skate with too many people at the same time?
Robbin: at a spot yeah, because I just want to keep going. I guess it’s also because of corona, when we would go out in smaller groups. I kind of preferred that, but now it’s getting back to normal, which is cool in its own way. But I have to get used to it. I guess corona changed my skating a little bit.
Ziggy: don’t you ever feel the need for, like whenever you’re skating stuff that’s a bit more gnarly, more risky spots, that you actually need people around you who are skating as well?
Robbin: umm…
Ziggy: I mean, for the hype. Or can you and Sneep just pull up to a spot together, like a handrail, and you can just skate it on your own?
Robbin: yeah… doesn’t really matter to me.
Ziggy: that’s pretty special. I think most people have a thing where, for instance Rob, he definitely needs some people around to jump off something.
Robbin: if I’m sure I can do a trick, I can hype myself up to do it. Of course, it helps to be reminded not to give a shit. Like at a contest, you have to find that energy, like in a jam, you’ve done all your tricks and you’re like… I remember I did a switch 50 on the big rail at Ladybird, I never do switch 50 on rails, and I did it first try. That’s because you’re all out of tricks and think: on to the next! That’s when you feel the hype from the group, but it doesn’t work like that on the street.

  • Sneep - nollie 180 switch crook. Photo Ziggy Schaap
  • Robbin - noseslide. Photo Frederick Walker

Sander: how’s that for you, would you rather film ten people skating the same thing or just one single Robbin skating?
Sneep: I rather not have too many people at the same time. Sometimes I’ll find myself filming four lines at the same time, and it just doesn’t work. It’s much better to focus on one thing, but sometimes the session just happens, and you can’t control it.
Ziggy: and sometimes you have to.
Sneep: but sometimes looking back, you think, if I had focused on this person a bit more, I would have captured it way better.
Sander: because you can evolve yourself on the spot, in a way.
Sneep: but I’m always critical on how stuff is filmed, I always think it could be better.
Sander: same with previous parts, of Robbin?
Sneep: for sure, always.

You have to stay critical, I think.

Sander: what would you want to do differently?
Sneep: it depends on the clip. I’m definitely not hesitant, like… if the trick is done but I didn’t film it right, I don’t mind asking and filming it again.
Sander: yeah, you’ll ask for a retry?
Sneep: of course, I can’t do that for every trick. I always try my best to get it right, but it’ll happen that I didn’t film that well and we’ll try again, yeah.
Sander: like getting a foot somewhere in the corner of the clip.
Sneep: a foot?
Sander: yeah, walking into your own fisheye.
Sneep: ah, yeah, you’re thinking of lee towers switch pop shove or what?
Sander: I think so, yeah.
Sneep: that one’s… not perfect. He does it and I’m thinking fuuuuck, that’s my foot in the frame.
Sander: I’m not exactly sure it’s that one, but it’s funny you come up with an example right off the top of your head.
Sneep: it’s that fisheye, the fisheye is all-seeing.
Ziggy: especially the new one!
Sander: was that still in the novelty phase?
Sneep: well, it was fairly new. I’m better at it now. But that sort of thing, I didn’t think he’d have to do that line again because he killed it. But if it’s a trick that could use another try, and it’s not too hard, we’ll definitely do it again.
Robbin: I’m usually the one to say, I want to do this one again.
Sneep: exactly.
Robbin: especially the tricks I feel like I didn’t land right. Not even necessarily about the filming.
Sneep: we’re both pretty judgmental, but it does make for good clips!
Sander: is that why you’ve stuck together for so long? Because you’re so alike?
Robbin: well sure, we know exactly what to expect from each other. But in the end it’s the friendship. That’s the most important part. We trust each other, I feel at ease filming with Sneep. And if I’m doing something really hard, and I’m stressing out, I know at least that when I do it, it’s done. If Sneep’s there, it’ll be fine.
Ziggy: it’ll look as good as possible.
Robbin: yeah it’s just, I trust him completely. That’s less stress for me in regards to the filming. But it’s all based on friendship, that’s how I see it.

Ziggy: do you ever hang out outside of skating?
Robbin: not that often, actually. I talked about this with Sophie…
Ziggy: sometimes you just share a bond with someone about skating, and you’ll do stuff besides that too. And sometimes it’s just the skating.
Sneep: it’s just that we go skating all the time.
Robbin: true.
Sneep: and when you’re out skating, you’re also chilling.
Ziggy: yeah, exactly.
Robbin: yeah, I talked about this with Sophie, she thought it was weird that we wouldn’t like, go over for dinner or… we [looks at Ziggy] happen to do that, because we live pretty close by. You’ll have a barbecue and I’ll come over, stuff like that. Sneep and I don’t really do that, we’ll be out skating and we’ll spend the entire day together. We’ll have a beer at the spot, and that’s it. Sneep has to go home, I don’t know, it just doesn’t happen. We’re too focused on skating… I guess.
Ziggy: too focused on skating, haha.
Sneep: I think it’s a good sign, we’re together all the time, it’d be weird to then go over to hang out on a random Thursday night.
Ziggy: but if you’d get married at some point, would Sneep be your best man?
Robbin: I think so, yeah. I’m sure, actually. If he’d want to.
Ziggy: that’s funny. That was my question.
Sander: ….
Robbin: but, I’m sure that if, I’d call him up about anything, not necessarily skate related, he’d be there for me.
Sander: yeah of course, it doesn’t have to be… it’s not just a work relationship.
Robbin: and the other way around, too.

  • Sneep - noseslide pop-over. Photo Ziggy Schaap
  • Robbin - front shuv fs crooked. Photo Ziggy Schaap

Sander: do you ever skate without filming, just dicking around together?
Robbin: happens all the time at letters.
Ziggy: letters is the spot.
Sneep: not in the past couple weeks though, we’ve been out on missions.
Sander: yeah, so you just made that Free part, what are you working on now?
Robbin: we’re working on the Carhartt Netherlands video.
Sneep: we actually finished that Free part just so we could start this thing. Like, we got all these clips, what are we going to do? Let’s just throw it together because it’s enough for a decent part, and let’s get onto that Carhartt video.

Ziggy: so do you ever make plans for a video you’re going to make, and then head out filming for that? Or do
you just happen to have clips laying around and just put them together? I feel like that’s how it usually goes.
Sneep: of course we’re filming for something, it’s just that you don’t always know what for when you start out. You go filming, and then at some point you’ve got something to work with. I guess that last one worked out pretty nice, combining it with the photos. But it definitely happened because we thought, let’s start the Carhartt project so we can release everything we have now in a part. Suddenly, there’s a deadline. We did end up filming some final tricks for it.

Ziggy: do you think it would work better if you’d be like, hey, from now on, we’re filming for this thing and we’ve got one year? Rather than filming a bunch of clips and thinking, ‘let’s work with this’?
Sneep: I don’t know, I think we filmed two parts in two years. I guess we film all year and edit the part during winter.
Sander: filming is just everyday routine, then.
Sneep: we definitely go out filming every weekend.

actually, every time we go skate, we’re filming. That’s definitely a thing.

Ziggy: so since when did you start taking photos? And why?
Robbin: I guess I was always keen, I’d be messing around with my phone, that sort of thing. At one point I bought a camera, it’d be an on and off thing after that. But then through Sophie, she’s a photographer, I learned lots of new things and then I just went off on it. Now it’s still kinda, at times I’m doing it a lot and other times it’ll die down. It’s definitely a regular thing now though.
Ziggy: that’s how it usually goes though. It takes some inspiration, or motivation. Like going to Rotterdam Art, checking some photos and thinking “damn, those are sick!” motivates you to spend more time with it yourself.
Sander: yeah, or going to new places.
Robbin: exactly. Yeah, Rotterdam Art, when I went there, I was instantly inspired.
Ziggy: but where do you find inspiration for skating? Let’s say you’re definitely not feeling like going out to skate, what do you watch to get hyped? If you had to name one thing that always gets you motivated to go out there on a gloomy day and film something.
Robbin: this might sound crazy, but I think most of my motivation comes from myself.
Ziggy: you watch old parts of yourself? Sure, I guess that works…
Robbin: no no no no, I mean… I’m just motivating myself to go skate. I hardly watch skate videos anymore actually. And there’s Instagram, of course, and I loved the Primitive video, like, Carlos Ribeiro, but it’s not like, oh I’m going skating, let me watch something real quick. I don’t get that urge. So the motivation to skate comes from myself, because I just want to go skate. Of course, I’m not going to watch my own part, that’d be kinda weird.
Ziggy: I guess, there’s probably people out there who do that though.

  • Rob Maatman - bs noseblunt. Photo Robbin de Wit
  • Sneep - slappy overcrooked. Photo Robbin de Wit

[turns to Sneep] and you? I can’t fathom there’d be a moment where you don’t wanna film, but let’s say there is. Or there’s a period in time where you’re not filming as much… Like I’ll be, like with photography, I’ll be taking a lot more photos, but I’ll see something and then be totally hyped to go film again. Do you ever get that?
Sneep: I’m actually always hyped to film. I’m always trying to do stuff just a little different than before.
Ziggy: so nothing specific?
Sneep: no, I’m also not really watching videos, and the ones I do see are fucking lame.
Sander: what’s lame to you? Give me an example.
Sneep: it’s just so obviously low-effort. A lot of content on thrasher is just so randomly thrown together that it’s hard to pay attention. It’s not like I’m doing everything perfectly, but at least I’m trying to put a little love into it. I don’t know, I just stay hyped by skating as well. If I find I have nothing to do, I’ll go skate, so if I’m filming all weekend it doesn’t really matter I can’t skate myself.

Sander: So all you do is filming and skating?
Sneep: yep, that’s what I do.
Ziggy: because you quit Sevenply recently too…
Sneep: I’m only filming skating, and editing. And if I find the time, I’ll skate myself, yeah.
Sander: cool. And added to that, diving into the archives for memory screen? Or is that just a hobby?
Sneep: that’s a hobby, but I’m trying to make some money off of it here and there. It works, but I can’t live off of it. But the filming is pretty great right now. I’m pretty much only focused on skating right now.

 Sander: don’t you ever get stuck in a, well, this sucks kinda phase, like you want to do something else? There was a time I was putting everything into the magazine, like at school people knew me as that magazine guy, where at a certain point I just thought: I’ll go do something else now. Don’t you ever get that feeling?
Sneep: nah, I think skating fucking rules, I’m always working on something.
Sander: so you never feel like you’re burning out, like it sucks that you have to make your money through skating?

nah man, isn’t that the most beautiful thing in life?

Ziggy: what do you do besides skating, something that isn’t… like, besides chilling with Xaviera and skating…
Robbin: and Scooby!
Ziggy: and Scooby, haha..
Sneep: my life is completely full, actually.
Ziggy: I can believe that!
Sneep: no free time left.
Ziggy: so it’s not like you can suddenly just, umm..
Sneep: going on vacation is always a good time. I recently discovered summer holiday in winter. Just fuck off to Mexico for three weeks, it totally rules. You’re just doing nothing for three weeks.
Robbin: yeah, why would people leave the Netherlands in the summer? To go to Spain or some shit. I used to go to Barcelona for two weeks. Totally stupid, you’re better off going in winter, it’s nice weather in the Netherlands too! Better off going in between Christmas and New years’, hang out in 20 degrees…
Ziggy: but if there was no skating in your life, what would you be doing?
Sneep: no clue.
Sander: any sports you used to do?
Sneep: I used to do football, tennis, but at a certain point… at first you’re playing games at 10 in the morning, but later on it becomes 3 in the afternoon. That’s when I was done, I couldn’t go skating in the afternoon!
Robbin: I did football too, I was a goalkeeper, and I did some karate.
Sander and Ziggy: nice!
Ziggy: do you think you would have taken that as far as you have skating, if skating didn’t exist?
Robbin: I’ve done some matches, won a couple but it’s different because there’s a weight class. It’s more like… Like my sisters, they’ve been Dutch champions in karate. But then you’re Dutch champion for like, the 70 kilo category. So at one championship, you’ll end up with ten different champions. Still cool, but definitely different.

Ziggy: so how do you see yourself in… you’re 31 now? So in 10 years?
Robbin: how I see myself in 10 years?
Ziggy: if your knees and ankles have given out, let’s not assume but if…
Robbin: I think if I couldn’t skate anymore, I’d fall in a deep hole. A really deep hole.
Ziggy: but what would you do? Focus on photography a little more?
Sander: or woodworking, or whatever.
Robbin: I was in woodworking school once. I thought it was kinda cool, but at the same time… Like, I was 17 and I was working and learning at the same time, and then you end up in like, blue collar culture…
Sander: crusty.
Robbin: ...and in my head it was only ‘skate skate skate’ so maybe that played a part in me giving up on that life, but I really have no clue what else I would do. Maybe photography. But I think… with my photography, I like being around things that have nothing to do with skateboarding, to have something outside of that world. But then maybe I would have done skateboard photography. I honestly don’t know what my life would be without skating. I guess I’ll just join the sesh and hang out all day. That’s what I’d do.
Sander: you can be the old skaterat in the back going ‘I used to do that one switch all the time!’
Robbin: ha, something like that. I wouldn’t say stuff like that, but...
Ziggy: but you don’t have any… shit, it’s not like you have to. I don’t have any plans for myself in 10 years. Do you ever stop and think like, hm, I’m 31 now…
Sneep: A while ago, I turned 35 and Xaviera said ‘you’re going to turn 50 in 15 years.’ Wtf! 15 years doesn’t sound like a whole lotta time, I’m going to be 50 before I know it. But I can keep on doing what I’m doing for now.
Ziggy: of course, it’s not like you’re old and rusty now. But if you’re going to be 45 in ten years, don’t you feel like you have to accomplish certain things by this and that time..?
Sneep: not really, I’m always filming so I can always branch out within that space, to find something new to challenge myself with.
Ziggy: photography and video are lifelong, pretty much.
Sneep: totally! Especially if you’ve learned it from skating, that makes it fairly easy to get used to other stuff.
Ziggy: I’ve found that too.
Sneep: to be honest, action sports like skating are the hardest to capture properly. There are so many things out there that are way easier to learn.
Ziggy: definitely, everything you learn while filming skating you have to do yourself. At a filmset they have people for every little job. All these things, like anticipating people walking around, we’ve already gotten used to that.
Sneep: yeah, I’ll probably end up working in the film/video scene.

Ziggy: do you ever take on projects outside of skating?
Sneep: I used to do that more. Lately it’s all skating, but I rather prefer that. I’m gonna keep doing that as long as I can.
Sander: is that because the ‘normal’ film industry will always be there, as a backup?
Sneep: definitely, I can always put myself to use. I just take it as it comes. Right now, I’m too busy, so if I keep doing this right hopefully it will stay that way. 

Robbin: …life after skating, I have no clue…
Ziggy: is it something you think about often?
Robbin: nah, when you get older, when you’re in a relationship, not that I am right now, but the last one..
Ziggy: that your girl asks you about what you’re gonna do later?
Sander: or you wanna buy a house and think ‘well, skating won’t pay these bills’
Robbin: well, I’ve always had a job besides skating, always four days a week. So I’ve always had income, I’ve never lived off skating. So that’s a thing, but with kids… At a certain point, you have to think about it.
Ziggy: of course, that’s clear. But do you think that if you could live off skating, that you’d prefer that over skating and having a regular job on the side?
Robbin: I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I used to think yes, because if you take Rob for example…
Ziggy: he has a job now, too!
Robbin: yeah, but he didn’t use to.
Ziggy: not like us, no.
Robbin: and I’ve spent a little while working less, one or two days, so I could always combine it with skating. But that was actually my least productive period.
Ziggy: so when it really comes down to it...
Robbin: it’s more about always having time. Or feeling like that. You’re always free, you’re always thinking ‘oh if I don’t get this now, I can just come back tomorrow’. And now it’s like, I work four days, this is my time to skate. I might not film anything this weekend, but it’s definitely a…
Ziggy: a good incentive to spend your time a little more wisely?
Robbin: personally, I think it works pretty well like this for me. I never had many trips anyway. This one summer I did a bunch of them, but it’s not like I had to go somewhere every couple months.
Sander: so you’ve always sort of been confined to the Netherlands to do your skating? Not that you’re going from trip to trip and keeping the in-betweens for rest and recovery.
Robbin: yep. I did a couple trips one summer, going from contest to contest… but I just always worked for the most part.

Robbin - nollie fs crook. Photo Sander Rodenhuis

 Ziggy: for Sneep, do you think it’s hard, now that you’ve quit Sevenply and just film skating fulltime?
Sneep: I’m already wondering how the hell I used to find the time to be at Sevenply all day.
Ziggy: sure, I guess that’s the other side of the issue.
Sneep: to be fair, the weather has been pretty great lately, so we’ve been at it a lot.
Ziggy: but aside from the weather, don’t you feel like you… if I reflect that on myself, I’ve always felt like I don’t want to turn filming or photography into my job because I’m afraid I might enjoy it less, making myself dependable on it to pay the bills, but you don’t feel like that at all?
Sneep: no, I actually feel good about it. I film and edit as my job, and I can use all the time I have for that. If I have nothing planned on a Tuesday and someone wants to go skate, I can. If I want to spend the entire Wednesday night editing, I can.
Sander: so you don’t have a standardized schedule, like for example, Mondays are for editing, etc…
Sneep: nothing like that. I usually just go film all day, get home, and capture it straight away. I have an extremely structured filming life, so when I film something, it’ll be stored and filed on the computer that same night.
Robbin: and people get their footy already.
Sneep: as far as that’s concerned, everything is perfectly arranged. So, whenever someone wants to go film the next one, I’m ready.
Sander: everything charged and ready to go?
Sneep: exactly, I’ll be locked and loaded.
Robbin: and we’ve already seen the footy! That’s actually insane when you think about it.
Ziggy: but if Xaviera’s at work, and no one wants to skate. What do you do?
Sneep: I’ll always have memory screen to work on. There’s always insta edits to make, or I’ll be working on a new remix.

 Ziggy: what about you, on an entire day off, and your ankle is fucked for instance?
Robbin: I’ll be bored. I got into going to museums a bit lately, that sort of thing. It used to be only skating, that definitely changed. But yeah, at a certain point I’ll put on a movie, or a series, and sit on the couch. That’s all. Just bored. My life is always outside.
Sander: you never think to do a bit of gardening or something like that?
Ziggy: haha!
Robbin: I don’t have a garden!
Sander: bummer dude, because gardening is totally the shit!
Robbin: I’ve done an internship with some landscapers and that was really sick actually. Pruned some willows.
Sander: one thing I’m sure of, if Essay doesn’t work out I’m going to be gardening full time.

Ziggy: so, another question?
Sander: no, I think we handled it. Oh, one more: any trick one can do, the other would love to be able to?Sneep: oh, so many. Nollie crook, I try to do a good nollie crook once a year but they don’t go much higher than a low curb these days. I’ll do one, but when I see Robbin do them, I’m thinking fuck, it’s that easy huh.
Robbin: for me, probably, all his slappies. It feels so unnatural not to pop a trick. I’ll do a slappy crook, but that’s about it… Sneep did teach me a trick, though! Probably some others, but crook nollie flip. That’s a rad one. He did it first, and then I was like, I got to learn that one!
Sneep: I didn’t have that one for very long though!
Sander: you both seem focused on the nose when it comes to tricks, how did that happen? Lots of slappy nose, nollie crook, fakie tricks…
Sneep: I never do tailslides, only on a bank.
Robbin: I have no clue!
Sneep: I just can’t do it!

Seems like it’d be cool to be able to back tail, but I can’t.

Robbin: As for me? I mean I can do things, tailslides, but I do take it to the nose quite quickly, no idea why.
Sneep: I pretty much only do slappies, and that’s easier on the nose.
Sander: sure. I just thought it was interesting.
Sneep: you won’t catch me doing a slappy 5-0 anytime soon.

Robbin - Spanish grind. Photo Ziggy Schaap.

Ziggy: how many crooks have you done in your life?
Robbin: I lost count.
Ziggy: how many a night? Forty? Twenty?
Robbin: twenty, thirty. But more noseslides, I think. Look, a switch tail is on the nose too. It’s a tailslide, but on the nose. Switch back tail is on the nose too. Shit, I don’t know, I’m not going to count how many tricks I’ve done. But I’ve done like zero or one 50 tonight. I don’t really do those. And no 5-0s, no nosegrinds, it’s mostly noseslides…
Sander: what’s up with nosegrinds?
Robbin: they don’t really work here, but I’ll always do back nosegrinds…
Sneep: yeah, they do right?
Robbin: o yeah, a short nollie nosegrind pop out.
Sander: so if you do a nosegrind, they’re nollie?
Robbin: nah, I’ll do back nosegrinds. Can’t really do them here, I mean you can, but it doesn’t feel very good. Front nosegrinds, don’t really like those, I’ll do it, but I save that for rails.

  • Sneep - switch slappy crooked. Photo Ziggy Schaap
  • Robbin - halfcab crook fakie. Photo Ziggy Schaap

 And just like that, everybody stood up and took a leak, a yawn, and a stretch. Even the air at the Scheveningen curbs can make you tired, despite it feeling so good. Even Robbin and Sneep want to leave there after a while. Where will they go? Probably home, or work, and think about the next time they film, which is probably the next day. Must be nice.