There are places in this world that have a certain pull towards some people. Located in the eastern part of Groningen lies a parking lot at the weird intersection of a furniture mall, a high school, a busy bus lane, the city’s biggest park, the road to a village nearby and the edge of a normal residential area. That’s one hell of an intersection! Anyway, I know a guy that has done the same trick thrice with three different photographers, and I know a guy that spent six hours at the before mentioned place.

Honestly, where is the spot?

Alright Alex. When did you arrive at the slappy spot today?

-I got there around 12!

When did you leave?

-It was like 17:45ish.

What was the highlight of today?

-I think it was watching my homie Oli figure out switch slappy 5050s, frontside and backside. It seemed too simple to him, which is just mad to me, it was sick to watch him go for it.

What was the worst moment?

-I tried a nollie flip in a game of skate and my board smacked my knee way too hard, shit hurted.

Why did you stay so long?

-Initially I went for an early session and after a couple of hours I was feeling pretty done, but heard some other homies wanted to skate so I got some food and stayed a lil longer. It ended up being a super fun session so I stayed til the end.

Is this your favourite spot?

-I’m not sure I would call it my favourite spot but it definitely has a special place in my heart. It's a comfortable place to practice low impact tricks, especially on days when the streets/parks are too wet.

These are not slappy curbs, right?

-Nah, they're just straight up sidewalk/curb slabs, we've been skating and waxing it for a year now and it's still not that buttery but fun to learn on!

Do you only skate the slappy curbs at the slappy curb spot?

-Although I mostly come for the 'slappy' curbs, it also has perfect flatground and lots of manny options.

Tell me the best street life story from the curbs.

-I'll go for a wholesome one! A couple of weeks ago a drunk Polish dude kinda wandered into the session and just sat down with his beer and watched and kept shouting praise and kindness at us. He eventually came up and told us he used to skate and enjoyed watching, and for us to keep it up!

Do you get tired from skating the curbs?

-In the end for sure, it's low impact but it's a spot where you end up skating nonstop because it's so mellow.

Or cold? Hot?

-Hot until you stop moving!

What do you eat on a day like this?

-Usually I'd start with beans on toast and scrambled eggs for a long day like this!

Were you alone?

-In the beginning it was just me and Oli, and after a few hours there were 7 of us.

Tell me the surroundings of the curbs.

-It's underneath a busy road, in the parking lot of some kinda mall I guess? Right next to an entrance to the big park, so fairly green surroundings too.

Have you ever been inside the Vesta woonforum?

-I have not! I heard they have chill toilets though.

Do you recognize any bus drivers from being there so much?

-Haha, not yet! I wonder if they recognise me...

How much wax is enough?

-There is never enough wax! Melt some butter on there if you have to.

Favourite illegal trick to do at the curbs?

-Probably front willy to fakie, no further comment.

What gets you stoked to go to the curbs?

-Usually a rainy day! Or Dan Corrigan's videos, he usually does some sick slappys.

Do you ever get bored of the curbs?

-Not really! I feel like there's a lot of learning possibilities when you’re working with such small curbs, so if one thing isn't working there's always something else to try.

What’s the soundtrack of a day like this?

-Onyx for the session hype, and Title Fight when I get home.

Top 5 things you’ve seen at the curbs.

-Nollie front blunt, switch slappy 5050, a car accident, the guy from Essay, and a solid bs blunt.

Alex Michael Blade, photo by Hobbe Hollands