Because SOTY announcements, or any “hey, you’re the best”-announcement you can think of, are generally an awkward procedure, we decided to skip it altogether. Obviously, Tjerk Oosting is our pick for this year, making him the first skater to win our prestigious Dutch Skater Of the Year award twice in a row. Yes, he’s also the only winner so far. Because I had already written a love letter to Tjerk around this time last year, I had to come up with something different for 2022. As anyone that has spent a day with Tjerk can attest to, Tjerk loves eating. The guy is like a hunter-gatherer, always on the lookout for the next snack of the day. I’m not hating on it, if eating two pizzas on a day helps him do nollie backside flip manuals or whatever else, I’m here for it.

That’s why, just days before Chistmas, we present the Tjerko x DSOTY x Christmas menu. We asked our local-skater-working-a-kitchen-job, Willem Branten, to watch almost all of Tjerk’s 2022 footage [we’re missing Gewoon Goud in this list, keep an eye out for that video dropping soon] then combine it with dishes and beers. Take this information and use it your advantage. Congratulations to Tjerk, enjoy your meal. - Sander Rodenhuis

The festive season will soon turn into parking garage season again...

If you happy with it, It's Okay / Vink Heerlijk or Non Alk

Things start off with the compilation of Tjerk and company skating (mainly) Amsterdam in the video If You Are Happy With It, It’s Okay by Valuta Brand. Especially the first part of this video, featuring various public transport stations, trams and a parking lot showcase a side of skateboarding rarely seen. It shows that videos don’t necessarily need a big array of stairs or rails, and that an array of simple, unconventional, urban spots can provide a breeze of fresh air when skated creatively. This creativity is also seen in the latter part of the video where some of Amsterdam’s other, more conventional skate spots are showcased. I had in mind that the corresponding drink for this video should at least also share in the aspects that made this video so entertaining to watch. It needs to be refreshing, creative, simple, and most importantly, from Amsterdam. This brought me to Bird Brewery, who provide an array of simple beers, in a creative and refreshing manner. I settled on the Vink Heerlijk because I like IPA’s and the name represents my thoughts about this video. For the non-alcoholic readers, the Non Alk is a suiting alternative.


King and Tjerk / Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup, with a touch of Coconut Milk and Smoked Paprika Powder

The second video, King and Tjerk by Valuta Brand is a short highlight of Tjerk and King van den Ban skating another round of unconventional street spots with a creative approach. The video is short and is given a funky vibe with the choice of music which made me wish for more. All in all a solid short part, with surprising trick and spot selection which showcases the creativity of both of its skaters.
The second corresponding course will thus be an aperitif: short, surprising, and hopefully tasty as well. The video, released about half a year ago, features a multitude of clips filmed during winter and beginning of spring, which made me immediately gravitate towards soup. The corresponding apéritif will thus be a sweet potato, carrot, soup, with touch of coconut milk and smoked paprika powder to accommodate for the funkiness in the video.

With the debate of whether it touched or not, people forgot to mention that this was the cover of Essay #11!

Aan Lager Wal / Aan Lager Wal

The third video, Aan Lager Wal, is Tjerk’s part in the video of Amsterdam’s notorious Booticelliboys crew, and marks the beginning of the three main video parts of the six showcased in this article. To accommodate for these three video parts, and make sure there is still room for dessert (and a video) after, one will be coupled to a drink, one to a side dish, and the last one to a main course. Aan Lager Wal is another part which showcases Tjerk’s amazing trick selection and shows how good he is in coupling the right tricks to the right spots. While not commenting on specific tricks in the last two videos, I would like to put extra attention on the mind-blowing manuals present in this part. The kickflip manual through the iron circle, the fakie manual down the stairs, and the flat gap to manual, kickflip out all deserve to be mentioned. These manuals deserve to be coupled to a beer that represents this balance. Gulpener, the Netherlands’ largest independent beer brewery, has been one of my favourite breweries because of its balancing of biological brewing processes with their smooth and tasty beers. Since they also have a beer called Aan Lager Wal, and since it so perfectly fits Tjerk’s mid-video hair change, it would be a shame not to couple it to this video. The corresponding drink is thus Gulpener’s Aan Lager Wal.

Sensation White 2022

Wassuppers / Naan Bread, with Spicy Hummus, Muhammara and Raita

With the video Wassuppers not only the fourth part has arrived, but so has the time for supper. The part has a more mellow vibe than previous parts due to the music chosen, which creates a great contrast with the heavy hitters this part contains. As always, Tjerk shows great trick selection and manages to perfectly match each trick with the spot he chooses for it. This allows for a part full of amazing manuals, heavy hitters, and creative tricks which is contrasted by the soft tunes of Elias Mazian. A corresponding appetizer should thus also have some kind of contrast between hard hitting, tasteful ingredients on the one hand, while somehow incorporating soft and mellow aspects. These tastes and aspects could be well incorporated into different dips and sauces with corresponding bread. To match it up with the main course that corresponds with the next part, I chose for naan bread, with three separate dips: hart-hitting spicy humus to accommodate for the heavy tricks done in this part, tasteful muhammara to represent Tjerk’s perfect trick and spot selection, and a soft Indian (soy)yogurt dip, called raita, to match music which gives the video its mellow vibe. This side-dish will go hand in hand with the main course that will be coupled to the penultimate video.

Stepping it up

Check Mate / Indian Red Curry with Vegetables and Rice

The fifth video Check Mate is Tjerk’s ending part in the video with the same name by Ziggy Schaap and Jan Maarten Sneep for Vans. This part is the ultimate part in which everything comes together, which was the Check Mate in Essay’s SOTY decision. The filming, music, trick selection, and spots all perfectly intertwine to create a beautiful, entertaining, DSOTY worthy part. The presence of yet another multitude of mind-blowing manuals combined with the Verso-esq ending made this part really stand out, and makes me hyped to see what is to come. The corresponding meal would thus also have to be a perfect blend of ingredients, as perfectly balanced as Tjerk’s manuals are, and of course should include Tjerk’s love of chicken. This led me to a nice Indian red curry which goes perfect with the side dish of the previous Wassuppers video. This Indian dish, often served with rice, is a dish where every ingredient comes together, just like everything fell into place for Tjerk’s final part of this year. It is made from a balanced combination of spices, (vegetarian) chicken, vegetables of your choice, and some left-over coconut milk from the soup. The ingredients intertwine into a balanced, beautiful main course, and in that way corresponds to Tjerk’s part in Check Mate.


Essay DSOTY 2022 / Rice, or Semolina Pudding, or your Favourite Dutch Snacks

To close off, Frederick Walker combined unused footage with some new angles, to create this recap of Tjerk’s skateboarding of the past year. It is edited in black and white, which gives it a soothing vibe and a nice ending of Tjerk’s Skater of the Year showcase. For a nice talk about the video parts and Tjerk’s immense amount of footage of the last year, the dessert should have such an effect as well. Since this article clearly misses one aspect of Tjerk, the fact that he, and most (if not all) of his footage is from the Netherlands, the dessert has to incorporate that as well. Furthermore, the colourless editing gives it a classical and old vibe, thus the chosen dessert must fit such a description. Since the Dutch kitchen leaves a lot to wish for, which is also the reason I did not touch on it earlier, an old, classic Dutch dessert does not leave a lot of choice. So if you are a fan of Rice or Semolina (griesmeel) Pudding be my guest, I would however warn for the terrible combination with the main course. For a happier ending to this experience, I would propose that you choose your favourite Dutch snacks, be it cheese, deep-fried eggs or something sweet, grab a beer, and take another good look at all the parts you have just seen. They are worth it.

To sum it up:

Bird Brewery Vink Heerlijk, or Non Alk
Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup, with a touch of Coconut Milk and Smoked Paprika Powder
Gulpener Aan Lager Wal
Naan Bread, with Spicy Hummus, Muhammara and Raita
Indian Red Curry with Vegetables and Rice
Rice, or Semolina Pudding, or your Favourite Dutch Snacks

And finally, some extra beers to enjoy the videos again.

- Willem Branten