Team Auby went on an adventure in Prague, as seen in the article in issue #15 (read it below) and now through this heroic edit.

Text by Sander Rodenhuis

Tymo Grijpma - bs feeble. Photo: Frederick Walker

When I opened this document today, I found a nice little surprise: the last time I proofread this article, I deleted all text I had already written down.
Nothing better to do than writing this again, right? Well, that’s easier said than done when the events you see on these pages happened four months ago.

Typically, the best timing to write down your thoughts about skate trips or events would be on the way back from said events. For me, that’s perfectly possible as I have no drivers license, so I can relax in the back of the car and think about stuff. All I would have needed was a pen, some paper and a tiny amount of motivation. All these things missed, so a week or two after returning I started on my first attempt on writing down what happened in Prague to the team Auby boys. 

  • Photos by Frederick Walker >

I wrote something along the lines of 

“Team Auby is full of old men, but they battled like soldiers to get their tricks. Prague feels like a medieval city, and like crusaders we tried to find all spots that had not been touched by our sacred Dutch souls yet. Over hills we walked, down mountains we Lime’d, flat tires we battled, and broken boards we survived. Security guards, locals, police and whatnot tried to stop us, to no avail. No spot was too far away, no Indian curry too spicy, nothing could prevent us from getting those clips. There might be better tricks done at all of our spots, but do we look like professionals? No, team Auby is a car full of old soldiers (plus me) so ABD’s don’t count for us.”

Maybe I’m making stuff up as I rewrote the lines above. Curries were definitely too spicy for me (we ate Indian three times, and I had to work my way up to the spiciest dish as ender), we were kicked out so many times it started feeling like the KGB was tracking us, and Bram definitely started hallucinating after a few beers on day three or four.

  • Tymo Grijpma - ollie. Photo: Walker
  • Frederick Walker - nollie nosepick. Photo: Rodenhuis

It’s hard to write something magazine-worthy about this trip. In the end, this was just another example of a group of friends venturing somewhere, skating as many spots possible within a certain timeframe, usually something inbetween five to eight days. Seeing touristic highlights never really matters, completing the spot map of the destination is of more importance. Getting yelled at by locals while you’re out in the suburbs is worth more than getting a selfie at that one famous bridge everyone reminded me of. 
So you’re saying, absolutely nothing magazine worthy happened? Nothing to describe in detail? 
Well, I forgot most of it, to be fair. Some things that enter my burned out brains right now:

  • Tymo bailed about 73 times

  • I always got the worst Lime scooter of the bunch

  • Locals in Prague are not afraid to do number two in public

  • Bram only complained about not skating transition once

  • I almost did a wallride

  • Not totally sure but Frederick filmed zero manual tricks

  • There’s more but I’m struggling

  • We got kicked out approximately 74 times

  • There are zero photos of Bram doing a trick

  • Sleeping next to Bram turned out to be not half as bad as sleeping on a cheap sofa bed

  • Authentic Chzech food is 85% nice

Well, nothing special if you really think about it. Basically, these guys are lucky that I’m the almighty editor of this magazine because any other skate trip featuring four normal guys would not have been sufficient. But these are my friends, and no matter how old they get, a skate trip with the Auby boys will be worth an article.

Next up: Hamburg! 

  • Sander Rodenhuis - slappy. Photo: Walker
  • Tymo - powerslide. Photo: Walker
  • Frederick - taildrop. Photo: Grijpma