Proud to present Robin Hayfords part in 'Cumlaude' by Jizzy Grip. Read what Robin has to say about this project down below:

So basically I started to skate with Jesler aka Monsieur Jizz since approximately 2016. It was a fun session for Videorama, and we managed to bust out an edit in a day. Ever since we turned into good friends and had ongoing sessions at parks, in the streets or pubs.
As far as I can remember, Jizzy was one of the people I was really tight with from the Leeuwarden skatescene. And when they got a new park, I traveled there quite often, as the skateboarding facilities in Groningen weren't that good yet. The Leeuwardse skatescene might be one of the best in the Netherlands, as everyone is very cool and tight with each other, which I think is pretty clear in the video too.

These couple of years working on the video has been amazing, and it creates an ache in me to start a new project with the homies, as the sessions on the street bring a dynamic to the table which is immaculate. So therefore I would like to thank the brotherhood for having these fun sessions with me, and most importantly, thank you Jesler for having the trust and patience to capture these clips of not just me, but of all the homies in this video. Your dedication is unmatched. Also I would of course like to thank Hans Klok for obvious reasons.

Filmed by Hylke Rosendaal, Mark Wagenaar, Jesler van der Vlugt. Animations by Sake Booi.