Next up from the 'Cumlaude' video by Jizzy Grip is Berend Kooij! Read his little intro text below, or dive straight into his part.

I moved to Leeuwarden around 2019 for my study. Very soon after I moved, I got a DM from Jizzy. He already recognised me as a skater and noticed that I had a new hometown. We started filming soon after that. The first clip we filmed was at the Tweebaxmarkt, where I did a drop down manny to nosemanny shuv-it. In no time we became good friends. Because I had good contact with Jizzy, I started making a lot of friends in Leeuwarden. He basically introduced me to the local scene. We continued filming all the way until a week before the release.

I want to use this lil piece of text to thank Jesler. To me, you are the father of the skatescene in Leeuwarden, right now. I feel like you make so much connection between the locals and also the not-locals. Check that, you create brotherhood. You put Leeuwarden on the map. There is no skateboarding here without Jizzy Griptape. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for the skatescene and also for me. I wouldn’t be the skater I am today without you. Hou van jou heitie.