In the words of Paul Laarhoven, who sent us this project:

'365 dagen spierpijn' is a video project made by me and my girlfriend Roos Pierson. It is a collection of skateclips, surroundings and nature videos we shot on our one year trip around the coast of Europe with our van. We started our trip the 1st of August 2022 in Scandinavia visiting Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It was not our intention to film a full video part at first, since I am 35 and skating isn't getting any easier, hence the name of the video. However, in Scandinavia we already got quite some good clips which got us hyped to make a bigger project. Around October we came back to visit the Netherlands for the release of the 'Vier013' video in Ladybird Skatepark Tilburg, a Tilly based homies video also released via Essay. This got us even more hyped. From there we continued our trip down south following the good weather and collected clips all over Europe from the North of Spain to Portugal, South and East Spain, South France, Northern Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece (white marble heaven), Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia. We came across so many awesome spots randomly but one tip to mention is visiting the Balkan to skate. Search for 'Sculpture' on google maps and you are guaranteed to find good spots. But watch out for angry old people! The two ender tricks are a bit of nostalgia. Driving home to end our trip we passed the skatepark I grew up skating in Terneuzen. This was being teared down for a new park and the stelcon ledges were the only thing still standing, so I couldn't resist. Hope y'all enjoy!

Photo by Roos Pierson.