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  • Quick Boys / Big Boys: Polar at Pier 15

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    A small video recap (if it even fits within the term 'recap') of the premiere for Polar Skate Co's latest video offering, "Sounds like you guys are crushing it", at Pier 15 Skatepark yesterday. Filming and photography by Frederick Walker, edit by Sander Rodenhuis.

  • Recap: Vans Shop Riot 2022

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    A chaotic recap of the Vans Shop Riot, filmed by Kadir Küçük, edited by Sander Rodenhuis and featuring photography by Ziggy Schaap. Congrats to Ben-G Skateshop on the win, and thanks to Vans, Burnside and Spitfire for the great event!

  • Vans 'Check Mate' premiere write-up & vlog

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    Figuring out what skateboarding means to me has become increasingly difficult over the past few years. I’m not talking about the act itself, rather the values and social cues that are so ingrained in our identities, which take time to grow as you grow. Once you’ve learned these b…

    • alex van zwietering

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    Arnhem's Public Skateshop team scoping out the Presikhaaf neighbourhood for spot, resulting in this 8-minute edit making you wish it was summer, when really, it's still summer. Featuring Public heads like Emile de Vos, Boris van den Brink, Sven van Kempen, Arnhem locals Lars &amp…

  • Vertigo Flowers in Hamburg

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    A classic mini-trip to Hamburg starting with some low impact sessions, ending with some surprising appearances!


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    A little Valuta montage featuring CEO Tjerk Oosting, Zak Gold, a few colleagues from Pop Trading Co. and a few more Amsterdam heads! Filmed by Koen Mulder.