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  • YANNICK WITVOET - Essay #13 interview

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    This article was originally published in Essay #13. Interview and photography by Martijn van Velden. Martijn: Let’s start at the beginning. I think we first met around 2014/2015. Through Woetoe (Wouter Molenaar), just street skating in Rotterdam, filming. How old were you at tha…

    • martijn van velden
  • Why Will Tracy filmed vertical

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    Up on the instagram this week are two reels, filmed by Will Tracy. Will is based in Maastricht, and if that isn't niche enough in the Dutch skate scene, he filmed the clips by holding his HVX vertical. Read about it here! I first decided to film vertical when I couldn't figure o…

    • will tracy
  • Top fiving with Houtmood Tobias

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    With the release of Tobias Steenbergen's part in Bruno Rocha's 'Labirinto' full length today, we figured it would be nice to ask the Houtmood legend about some of his favourite things in life! There's more stuff with Tobias on the agenda for this year, so watch this space...


  • The 2022 end of year list

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    It’s the last day of the first month of the new year, which means it’s about damn time I finish this end-of-2022-list. Since it’s the last day to this, there’s no time for drafts, notes or experiments. I’m rushing this so that means I will probably forget a person or video, maybe…

    • sander rodenhuis
    • yannick wijgman
  • Falus Reality Check Tour - issue #13 article

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    This article was originally published in issue #13. Photography by Giel van der Leest & Kerwin Groot, words by Alexander Lexis. Falus: A week of fun and failure in Budapest As you might know, the Dutch weather isn’t exactly the best for skating all year ‘round. Summer can t…

    • Alexander Lexis
  • A menu for our 2022 DSOTY: Tjerk Oosting

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    Because SOTY announcements, or any “hey, you’re the best”-announcement you can think of, are generally an awkward procedure, we decided to skip it altogether. Obviously, Tjerk Oosting is our pick for this year, making him the first skater to win our prestigious Dutch Skater Of th…

    • willem branten