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  • The Bernardus - Chris Hoeve, Jersey Nelom & Reemy Aniceta

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    Chris Hoeve, Jersey Nelom & Reemy Aniceta in Floris Sprenkeling's latest project, 'The Bernardus'.

  • The Bernardus - friends section

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    To help get you excited for the release of Floris Sprenkeling's latest full video, 'The Bernardus', we're pleased to present you the friends section! Featuring Jason Lijnzaat, Tjerk Oosting, Sjoerd Vissers, Arthur Bultynck and many more.

  • Tom van den Hoeven's long lost Essay part

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    Let's be honest: almost all footage has an expiration date. However, that does not seems to be the case when it concerns Tom van den Hoeven footage! Filmed and edited by Matthijs Hager.

  • Rendez Vous Skate Co | DOUBLE DATE

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    Featuring Victor De Neys, Cyril André, Clément Berlanger, Alexis Arenas, Maël Debie, Thomas Pierquin Antony Baclene, Jonathan Franc and many more. Filmed in the university village of Louvain-la-Neuve, but also many other cities across Belgium by Philippe Mottet.


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    A new edit by Tobias van Rooij, all filmed inside the warm and cozy Skatepark Haarlem in the midst of a Dutch winter. Featuring Tjerk Oosting, Tycho Henskes, Jim Wessels, Joey Verberkt, Rachid Addou, Florian Dalhuijsen and many more.

  • Collega by Volcom Skate

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    The Volcom Skate EU team on tour through the Netherlands. Featuring Eniz Fazliov, Jorge Simoes, Matisse Banc, Jonathan Vlerick, Jip Koorevaar & Nick Bax. Film by Christian Vankelst, edit by Thomas Courteille.

  • Lockin

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    A new video by Olivier Mertens, featuring Rune Vermeyen, Chris Zele, Kamil Maes, Leon De Balanda and Magnus Birch.

  • Friedjof Feye's archive - issue #15

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    • interview

    Archival photos by Friedjof Feye plus interview, originally published in Essay #15.

  • Cesar Bijnens - Hot Theory

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    A new Cesar Bijnens part, filmed by Phillippe Mottet. Additional filming by Nicolas De Buyst and Pierre Alexandre.

  • express your love

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    A new Public Skateshop offering by Kadir Kucuk, featuring all the Arnhem favourites like Wisse de Weerd, Finn van Elk, Emile de Vos, Lars de Weerd, Bert Roeterdink, Sven van Kempen and many more.