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  • Falus Reality Check Tour - issue #13 article

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    This article was originally published in issue #13. Photography by Giel van der Leest & Kerwin Groot, words by Alexander Lexis. Falus: A week of fun and failure in Budapest As you might know, the Dutch weather isn’t exactly the best for skating all year ‘round. Summer can t…

    • Alexander Lexis
  • A menu for our 2022 DSOTY: Tjerk Oosting

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    Because SOTY announcements, or any “hey, you’re the best”-announcement you can think of, are generally an awkward procedure, we decided to skip it altogether. Obviously, Tjerk Oosting is our pick for this year, making him the first skater to win our prestigious Dutch Skater Of th…

    • willem branten
  • Sneep & Robbin - issue #12 interview

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    This article was originally published in Essay #12. There must be something in the air, but skating with Jan Maarten Sneep, Robbin de Wit & co. at the Scheveningen beach ledges makes you feel good. It’s like taking a long walk on the beach with your partner, except this one w…

    • sander rodenhuis
    • ziggy schaap
  • Lea's corner: Essay #13 launch

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    Normally we'd send Lea to events not organised by ourselves to do this sort of recap writing, but we figured it wouldn't hurt if she'd do her thing at our own event: the launch of issue #13. Essay just came out with its thirteenth issue and celebrated with a cosy launch party at…

    • lea shamaa